Mom! Dad! Look at me!

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Every year in the spring, the day before the last day of school, we have an event we call, “Eighth Grade Recognition.”  It’s like a mini-graduation ceremony.  Kids dress up.  All the parents come and sit in the bleachers.  The band plays.  The choir sings.  Student’s speak and introduce each other.  Our principal gives an inspiring message.  This year, Gabe Francis, one of my eighth graders, wrote and delivered a great message he titled, “Mom! Dad! Look at me!”

I think it gives us a glimpse into the minds of many of our students.  Enjoy!

Mom!  Dad!  Look at me!

We’ve all said something similar in our lives, seeking the attention and admiration of our parents, or grandparents, or really anyone we look up to.  Sure, we were smaller then, and more than a little less mature, but today we really are looking for the same thing.

Yeah, our past was great, our future is bright, but sometimes it’s importnt to stop and just think about today.  I’d like to reflect a bit, and seek some approval in our mentors’ eyes.

I’ll let our past speak for itself, it got us here, and out future will be covered.  But do you know how much this year has made us grow?  Right now we are more mature, smarter, and just generally more “grown up.”  But we didn’t get here alone, so I want to take the time to thank everyone who helped us to grow up.  Our teachers, parents, friends, grandparents, and even maybe someone who’s a stranger to you have all helped us.

Every day we hear words of wisdom over the morning announcements.  And though a lot of teenagers aren’t the best listeners, we do pick up some stuff.  A big focus has been the Golden Rule, treat others as you would llike to be treated.  This brings us to a huge thing that we are picking up, even today.  Wisdom.  That plays such a role in me, and I guarentee my friends as well.  We are picking up on what it takes to make it in life, and I think it feels pretty good.  One goal in every kid’s life is to be successful, and we are coming one step closer to it.

Growing up was fun, but now we have some responsibility, some choices we must make.  Bigger lockers, harder, longer classes, due dates, and our overall happiness are now in front of us.  And we excel in a good challenge, and we are better for it.  We still miss playtime though . . .

So in reflection of us now, we are seeking some reassurance that you approve.  So just like the little kid in us, doing that simple task and seeking the approval of a mentor.

Mom!  Dad!  Look at us!  We hope you’re proud!

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  1. Heidi Shimon says:

    Wow! What a short but meaningful article. It makes me realize that even though some students may not always be listening to those important things that we say everyday but they do take bits and pieces from us. They will get something out of every lesson whether they think so or not. Teaching them wisdom and how to be successfull in life is the most important key to teaching. It is more important than curriculum I think. We need to teach students how to think and not tell them what to think. We need to teach them how to be successfull citizens in our community that will think smart while making choices. Even just hanging a sign up in the classroom with the Golden Rule posted on it will remind students everyday about the Rule.