Gail Godwin

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“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.”


  1. Personally, I would put it at more like 50/50. For me, the theater only comes when I have the preparation down cold. Then it is all about reading the audience and making the adjustments, which happen more easily the better I know the material and the goals. But I love the acknowledgment that good teachers are often great actors.

  2. I’m glad you commented on this quote, Hadley. When I posted it last night, I had to hold myself back from disagreeing right away. I’m a big student centered guy. Personally, I don’t spend much time at all up front lecturing or putting on a “show.” So I’d have to agree. Good teaching is way more about the prep. I don’t know who Gail Godwin is, but I have my doubts about how effective he or she actually is/was as a teacher.