Assessment as learning. Earl, L

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Earl, L. (2003). Using Assessment to Motivate Learning.  In Assessment as learning: Using classroom assessment to maximize student learning. (pp. 67-77). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

The idea here is to move from our traditional system of rewards and punishments (grades) and more toward an assessment model that is more motivating because it is relevant, imaginative and scaffolded.  Relevant assessment helps students to make connections between curriculum, assessment, instruction and student’s daily lives.  It challenges while reinforcing what they’ve learned.  Open ended, imaginative assessment allows for a range of responses and solutions and can tap into students’ individual interests.  Scaffolding allows for appropriate challenges that nurture growth without fear or discouragement.  It builds confidence by being ongoing and timely.  It happens in the middle of teaching and learning.

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