Giving students what they need. Erwin, J.

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An Annotation

Erwin, J. (2003) Giving students what they need.  Educational Leadership 61 (1) 19-23.

Erwin begins this article by stressing the importance of relationships and the evils of external motivation.  He then counters by briefly explaining Choice Theory and outlines the importance five key needs that he claims are the source of internal motivation:

  • Survival–support safety, respect, order, water breaks)
  • Love and Belonging–learn names, greet students upon entering, team and community building activities, and content-related discussion
  • Power—personal growth skills that increase the quality of our lives and feelings of self-worth (learning styles, discuss value of curriculum, give students a voice in the classroom.
  • Freedom—freedom from stress, fear, disrespect, monotony; and freedom to go where you want, choose where to be and what to do.
  • Fun—children at play are learning how to cooperate, create, and negotiate.

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