Lessons from skateboarders. Sagar R.

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Sagar R. (2002).  Lessons from skateboarders: What motivates young people to master the challenges of sports?  How can we inspire the same level of motivation in our classrooms?  Educational Leadership. September, 34-37.

Sager uses somewhat of an athletic metaphor to explain how to motivate students and not be “left behind.”  He describes CBUPO, his acronym for the five needs we all want to satisfy: The need to feel Competent, to Belong, to feel Useful, Potent and Optimistic. In this article he describes each need and goes into detail about how to build these feelings in our students.  Hint: High stakes testing and student comparisons (grade levels) are not one of them.  This was a great article with lots of examples and new ideas.“

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