Teaching English language arts in a “flat” world. Burke, J.

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Burke, J. (2007). Teaching English language arts in a “flat” world.  In Adolescent Literacy: Turning Promise into Practice (149-165). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

An Annotation

A good article relating relevant literacy skills in the 21st century and how today’s students are going to have to think and appreciate a lifelong learning approach in order to be successful adults.  In addition Burke goes beyond the typical “21st century literacy skills” of information and communication, thinking and problem solving, and interpersonal and self-directional by introducing a new model based on Tom Friedman’s idea of a flat earth and the new roles that successful people will play on it.  They are: collaborators and orchestrators, synthesizers, explainers, leveragers, adapters, green people, personalizers, and localizers.

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