The wonder of boys. Gurian, M.

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Gurian, M. (1996).  The wonder of boys: What parents, mentors and educators can do to shape boys into exceptional men.  New York. NY: Penguin Books.

An Annotation

Again, much of the same brain based information as Sax, but Gurian does add an interesting section entitled How Boys Experience Their Feelings and Emotions, listing eight “internal processing methods favored by males” (21). These methods make sense when one keeps in mind what we now know about male brains and testosterone.

•    The action-release method
•    The suppression-delayed method
•    The displacement-objectification method
•    The going-into-the-cave method
•    The talking-about-feelings method
•    The problem-solving method
•    The crying method.

So Gurian links a lot of brain based information to male behavior, but he also takes a look at the culture of boys, and how it relates to things like competition, aggression, anger, role models, and task-specific empathy.

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