The wonder of girls. Gurian, M.

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Gurian, M. (2002).  The wonder of girls: Understanding the hidden nature of our daughters.  New York. NY: Atria Books.

An Annotation

Gurian is a family therapist turned author who repeats much of the same information that is found in the other brain-based literature, but especially in regard to comparing boys’ and girls’ (as well as men’s and women’s) need for what he calls intimacy.  Again, it’s Carol Gilligan’s ideas that boys/men seek independence while girls/women seek connectedness—and fear the opposite.  Gurian, however, at least links these tendencies to hormonal differences.  In one part he explains that testosterone drives ambition, independence, “less dependence on other’s opinions of them,” and competition; while estrogen, progesterone and prolactin combine over a monthly cycle to drive yearnings for connectivity, empathy, and conciliation.

Being a family therapist, much of his discussion is related to parenting, family dynamics and the relationships found therein.

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