Where’s the evidence? Sullo, B.

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An Annotation

Sullo, B. (2007). Where’s the evidence.  In Activating the desire to learn (pp. 5-14).  Alexandria, VA: ASCD

In this chapter, Sullo contends that “evidence is substantial and impressive” when it comes to using internal motivational strategies to create positive cultural change within schools.  He cites a number of different reports, authors and case studies that support the idea of internal motivation and control.  He goes over specific examples where teachers and schools adopted strategies based on choice theory, control theory, and concepts of internal control psychology such as class meetings, the responsible thinking process (RTP), community building, inclusion, reality therapy, social responsibility, and achievement motivation.  In each example Sullo focuses on data to support the use of intrinsic motivation with data related to incidence of violence, negative behaviors, disruptions and high-stakes test tools.

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