Classroom strategies for interactive learning. Buehl, D.

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Buehl, D.  (1995).  Classroom strategies for interactive learning.  Schofield, Wisconsin:
Wisconsin State Reading Association.

An Annotation by Laurie Walsh

This book is loaded with practicality!  The author explains reading as a constructive process.  Meaning is determined by the reader’s experiences, the text itself, the learning context, and the strategies applied by the reader to obtain meaning.  The first three, short chapters explain the process, consider text frames, and explain fact pyramids.  The rest of the book, pages 24 through 139 provide “classroom strategies for teaching and learning.”  Each strategy has a few introductory paragraphs, the strategy explanation in steps, the applicable graphic organizer, an explanation of advantages to the strategy, and a further resources section.  I have used several of the strategies in this book, and they have been consistently effective.

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