Wiki, blog, or moodle? Fryer, W.

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Fryer, W.  (2006, October 6).  Wiki, blog, or moodle?  Retrieved June 9, 2008  from

An Annotation by Jeff Ayer

Fryer, in a blog posting, asks this important question:  “Which Web 2.0 tool is appropriate for which educational task?”  From there, the author breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of wikis, blogs, and Moodle, particularly pointing out that while blogs can keep a running tally of contributions, wikis can more easily be accessed to do more complex things, and collaboratively, whereas blogs are more individuated.  Moodle poses as the best of both worlds, as it “offers the ability to host threaded discussions too…which can be comparatively more organized than a series of blog posts (especially on different blog sites) and reflect the contributions of different people more directly than a wiki can.”  Essentially, “By using the latest release of Moodle, a teacher doesn’t have to decide between ‘blog or wiki.’”  In any case, this article nicely places the three Web. 2.0 technologies beside one another for educators to consider.  In a nutshell, blogs are great for individual work, wikis for group work and collaborative efforts, and Moodle for a little bit of both.