The quality school teacher. Glasser, W., M.D.

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Glasser, W., M.D.  (1998).  The quality school teacher.  New York: HarperPerennial, 18-22; 97-112; 113-118.

An Annotation by Jeffery Ayer

William Glasser, in three separate chapters, discusses his “six conditions of quality”, along with how to go about teaching choice theory, and how to employ qualitative ungraded assignments.  His six conditions include the following:  “There must be a warm, supportive classroom environment”; “Students should be asked only to do useful work”; “Students are always asked to do the best they can do”; “Students are asked to evaluate their own work and improve it”; “Quality work always feels good”; and “Quality work is never destructive” (18-20).  Essentially, Glasser also defines choice theory as a new kind of freedom where students begin to understand that their behaviors are only controlled by themselves – not by external forces.  In this way, students begin to make better decisions because they take ownership for their own behavior.  Lastly, Glasser focuses on how students take on a “quality” project – and one that could conceivably cross disciplinary/subject lines.  This big project would also be something that could be self-assessed with the teacher’s guidance.


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