Flickr-ing – out. Guhlin, M.

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Guhlin, M.  (2006, August 15).  Flickr-ing – out.  Retrieved June 9, 2008,  from

An Annotation by Jeffery Ayer

In a blog entry, Guhlin humorously poses an imaginary memo response to a teacher trying to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies in her classroom by “Ms. Davis’ Supervisor.”  Interestingly enough, its contents are important, and help to keep a teacher trying to incorporate these new technologies on the ground in reality.  Guhlin lists a number of alternative “safe” approaches a teacher could take to teaching students the digital skills of the digital citizen that one might deem vital, including tagging, copyright guidelines, development of appropriate writing, and use of photos and RSS feeds.  He also lists eight categorical sublists of questions regarding blog use in school and a variety of reasonable concerns associated with such curricular activities, including the existence of a release form for student work to be published online, parental notification/approval, and sufficient access for students to participate.  Again, a challenging, necessary read for anyone excited about implementing Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom.

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