Key words in instruction: literature circles.

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An Annotation by Laurie Walsh

According to this author, through the use of literature circles, students

“become information literate by reading authentic literature, thinking about the messages and intent of the author, listening to peers discuss their own interpretations, cooperatively participating in discussions with others, and reflectively drawing their own personal and relevant connections” (39).

My goodness!  I can only ask why we aren’t all using literature circles!

The author continues with proof for how lit. circles meet information literacy standards, independent learning standards, social responsibility standards, and opportunities for collaboration.  The remainder of the article discusses the potential roles for the library media specialist in this process.

Sanders-Brunner, M.  (Mar 2004).  Key words in instruction: literature circles.  School Library Media Activities Monthly.  20, 39-43.  Retrieved  June 16, 2008 from ProQuest database.

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