Sepia no more. Heffernan, V.

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Heffernan, V.  (2008, April 27).  Sepia no more.  The New York Times.   Retrieved from  http//

An Annotation by Jeffery Ayer

This article almost entirely focuses on the great potential online for budding artists, and particularly, photographers, using Web 2.0 technologies like Flickr.  Heffernan explores how one artist, Rebekka Guoleifsdottir, who is one of Flickr’s most popular and commonly “hit” artists, became so famous using this online technology.  Heffernan also highlights how the print world of photography is being challenged by the “digital images that ‘pop’ with the signature tulip colors of Canon digital cameras” in ways, perhaps, that print photography cannot.

In the lead, Heffernan states about Web 2.0’s evolution, “Let’s face facts:  the Web, after nearly 20 years, has failed to uncover new masters of noble art forms like poetry, sculpture and the airport thriller.  But it has engendered – for good or ill – new forms of creative expression.  Blogs and viral videos are only the most obvious.  Fan fiction, wikis, Flash animation and Second Life avatars are a few more.  People don’t upload to the Web words and images they had fashioned apart form the Web; they fashion their stuff specifically for online platforms and audiences.”

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