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Black Friday was a week ago.  Which means that Thanksgiving–a day we set aside for “thankfulness” — is shrinking in the rear view mirror.

So, what difference did it make?  Thanksgiving, that is.  Did you take a moment to:

  • Say a thankful prayer?
  • Post some sort of thankful blurb on Facebook?
  • Share appreciation for a sacrifice resulting in your current privilege?

Then what?

Now what?

Back to the grind?  Your job?  Your kids?  Your parenting?  Your teaching?

Thanksgiving is over, yes, but your opportunity (responsibility?) to give thanks for the privileges you have is not.  No, you can’t gather your friends and family together every day for feasting, fellowship and football.

But can you live in a consistent state of appreciation?  Sure.  Here’s what that looks like.

Do important work.

Your job, your family, your community, your society . . . you have the power–no, the responsibility–to do this work with passion and joy and love.  They are your privilege.  Your craft.  Your art.

Your perception, your awareness, your intention about the “work” you do transforms these things into platforms for giving thanks, and giving back, and honoring the gifts you’ve been given–and those that gave them.

Your work is important.  The way you do it is your chance to give back.  Don’t waste it.

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