Synergistic Phonics and Fluency Instruction: The Magic of Rhyming Poetry!

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An Annotation by Andrea Wondra

This article states that phonics and fluency must be taught, practiced and nurtured in the earliest stages of reading instruction and the question is raised as to how they should be taught.  The article states that the whole of the instruction is greater than the sum of its parts. Word recognition is made more efficient as readers process rhymes that appear in many words and not as individual letters but as one unit such as those found in word families. (at: hat, cat, mat, fat)

This article is relevant to my research because of its advocacy of the use of rhyming poetry for teaching phonics.  It also promotes the use of authentic reasons to teach rhyme.  I believe that whatever is taught to children must be meaningful and functional in their lives before it is important to them.

This is a high quality resource because it is from the New England Reading Association Journal  which publishes invited articles and peer reviewed pieces.

Rasinski, T., Rupley, W. H., & Dee Nichols, W. (2008, June). Synergistic Phonics and Fluency Instruction: The Magic of Rhyming Poetry!. New England Reading Association Journal. pp. 9-14.

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