The Edge of Education–Guidelines

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The-edgeThe idea of this carnival is to share experiences of “edgy” teaching and learning. There are a lot of great things happening out there in the edusphere. More and more, we’re beginning to understand how to blend the art of teaching with the science of learning. It’s a balancing act, and this carnival is the place to share our triumphs and failures walking that tightrope.

It’s about the risks we take, and the new stuff we try, and the stories we bring back from the adventures of blazing new trails.

Knowing this, it makes sense that stories of personal experiences will always get top billing at the Edge of Education Carnival. Maybe it’s the story of a new strategy, technique or tip. Maybe it’s your system for dealing with parents. Maybe it’s your application of a particular learning theory that made all the difference. Maybe it’s how you differentiated that last lesson.

Understand that not all original posts are accepted. We’re setting the bar pretty high. In order to be accepted, posts must be valuable, interesting and honest. Action research is held in the highest regard, but interesting best practices and insightful reflections on educational literature and/or personal experience also qualifies as “Edgy.”

Our guiding intent at We Teach We Learn is to empower teachers.  One of the ways we do this is to maintain the highest levels of quality, value and integrity.

We’re teacher’s. We expect nothing less.  We deserve nothing less.