Podcasting 101 – how educators can use this new technology. Dionne, M.

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Dionne, M.  (2006, July 1).  Podcasting 101 – how educators can use this new technology.  Retrieved June 9, 2008, from  http://www.techlearning.com/shared/printableARticle.php?articleID=189500866.

An Annotation by Jeffery Ayer

Podcasting is, according Dionne, a great way to create enthusiasm, integrate technology into one’s curriculum, and get parents involved simultaneously.  He goes on to define it (and its roots), and shares some good online tools for the “non-geeks”, as Dionne calls them.  Because a podcast is essentially an auditory broadcast one can listen to using a PC or iPod, from classroom news to daily announcements, a teacher or school building can make innovative use of podcasts at no coast, and can continually update students, staff, and parents once they subscribe to a feed that continually sends those updates to them.  It’s an encouraging read for anyone shuffling his/her feet over trying this new technology.

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