Visioning and the development of outstanding teachers. Duffy, G.

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Duffy, G. (2002). Visioning and the development of outstanding teachers.  Reading Research and Instruction.  41, 331-344.  Retrieved June 16, 2008 from ProQuest database.

An Annotation by Laurie Walsh

“Followers cannot get the job done in the decades ahead when, in order to develop a more complex literacy for a more pluralistic clientele, teachers will have to be more flexible in their use of methods, and materials, more creatively responsive to kids, and less dependent on doing things according to recommended patterns” (340).  And that is why the author, professor emeritus at Michigan State University, has his literacy teacher students work on visioning activities and statements.  He says the best teachers are not followers. They “adjust, modify, adapt and invent; they do not emulate” (333).  Duffy encourages teachers to reach inside themselves and find their vision.  By doing this, he hopes his students will be able to adapt methods and reach students more fully.  Understandably, most of the students do not like this process at first because Duffy does not provide them with the right answer.  After two classes emphasizing vision, the students love it.  This article reminds me of the importance to do what’s right for my students and myself with my action research project.  I need to synthesize all of the information, theories and techniques into something that works in my classroom with my vision.  This is a perfect article to read at the height of the research phase.