Inspiring active learning: a handbook for teachers. Harmin, M.

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An Annotation by Laurie Walsh

The author has compiled and named a myriad of techniques used by K-12 teachers and college professors.  One recurring theme throughout the book is the importance of pacing.

According to this author, the teacher must keep the classroom pace highly involved and fast-paced because of the shrinking attention span of students.  The book is divided into five sections (instructing, raising student motivation, organizing the classroom, handling homework, testing and grading, and producing meaningful learning), and the guiding principle the author says is found in every fully inspirational classroom is DESCA (dignity, energy, self-management, community and awareness).  Filled with practical methods and specific examples, this book is a solid resource for teachers.

Harmin, M.  (1994).  Inspiring active learning: a handbook for teachers.  Alexandria, Virginia: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

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