Strategies for initiating authentic discussion. Johannessen, L.

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Johannessen, L. (Sep 2003). Strategies for initiating authentic discussion.  English Journal, 93, 73.  Retrieved July 6, 2008 from ProQuest database.

An Annotation by Laurie Walsh

The author defines authentic discussion as a conversation with genuine inquiry into a problem or question that has no predetermined answer.  He provides two examples of activities that have built-in controversy related to the literature students will read.  He also identifies and explains seven strategies for initiating authentic discussion: “create controversy,” “ use small group collaboration,” “pose questions or problems that do not have easy answers or solutions,” “connect the questions or problems to students’ lives,” “connect students’ knowledge to the literature they study,” “strive to make sure that the questions asked or problems posed require critical thinking,” “give students adequate time to respond to complex questions.”  This is an excellent article.  I may even use one of the problems before my AP students view Apocalypse Now.

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